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Useful accessories for your beloved pet

You love your little pet more than anything and want him to have everything his little heart desires? Then browse through our selection of products for your pet. In the Relaxdays online shop you will find pet supplies for cats, dogs, small animals, fish, birds and horses. We offer you practical accessories to perfectly round off your pet's oasis of well-being.
Discover useful aids to simplify your everyday life with your pet. Have you already tried grooming gloves or dehairing sheets? With these, you can easily and painlessly depilate especially furry four-legged friends. A lot of fur can also make dogs very warm in the summer and make them feel uncomfortable. In this case, our cooling mats are the perfect way to cool them down. Just put them in the fridge for an hour or so and you can give your pet a rest. Our pet food bowls are also extremely versatile. The anti-gulping bowls for dogs and cats prevent your pets from gulping down their food thanks to the built-in elevations. This helps prevent digestive problems and obesity. At Relaxdays we are always interested in providing you and your pet with the highest quality pet accessories.

How to make your pet's home cosy and functional

Of course, not only you want to feel comfortable within your four walls, but also your pet should not miss out. Large and small animals have different needs for a cosy home, which is why certain equipment is always required. Whether water or land dwellers: you'll find what you're looking for here.
Transform your fish's aquarium into a real underwater paradise with our aquarium decoration or light stones. The exotic stones absorb sunlight during the day and glow in the dark, guaranteeing a unique atmosphere.
Your little hamster's home also wants to be beautifully decorated. Decorate it with a cute climbing wall, hamster balls or hamster houses and create a place where your little friend can play happily but also relax. It is important to remember that hamsters are nocturnal animals and need a place to retreat during the day.
The Relaxdays bird cages are ideal to house your feathered pet. Browse through the different sizes and colours and give your bird a new home. If you're looking for parrot enclosures or bird aviaries, you'll also be successful here.
Of course, we also offer a wide range of furniture for the most popular pets: Dogs and cats. Guarantee your kitten relaxing hours in the cat caves or houses and let her trim her claws on a cat tree. Your dog, on the other hand, can enjoy dog loungers, dog seesaws or many different dog toys.

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