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Cosy hot water bottles from Relaxdays

For most aches and pains, you can find relief with a hot water bottle. Whether it's a sore neck after a long day at work, a stomach ache or shivering after a winter outing. Relax with your new, warming companion and discover our range of hot water bottles with and without covers now!

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What a hot water bottle can help you with

There are a variety of aches and pains that you can relieve with the help of a hot water bottle. It can also be used to simply warm you up and keep you comfortable. The uses of our hot water bottles are extremely versatile, which is why we have put them together for you:

  • Period and stomach pains: If you suffer from cramps, it is extremely beneficial to use a warmer. Heat increases your blood circulation, which is why your muscles relax and your cramps are relieved. The heat also makes you feel less pain.
  • Warming and falling asleep: If your freezing feet keep you awake at night and you find it difficult to warm up, a hot water bottle can also be useful. The warmth helps to relax your body and calm you down. You can pre-warm your bed at night or take it straight in with you when you need to rest.
  • Muscle tension: As mentioned earlier, heat helps to relax muscles. So you can also soothe your tense neck or shoulders with a hot water bottle and relieve muscle stiffness.
  • Use it as a cooling pack: If you need to cool down in the summer or cool down injured joints, you can also use a hot water bottle. Fill it with cold water and put it in the fridge to get the perfect cold pack after just a short time.

Which hot water bottles can you find in our assortment?

At Relaxdays you can order XL hot water bottles for children and adults. Our hot water bottles hold two litres and are available with or without a cover. They are also leak-proof, which is very important for water-filled hot water bottles. The screw thread is easy to use and the handy handle makes them very easy to close.
The cuddly grey covers provide a nice feeling on the skin and dampen the heat. Our hot water bottles without covers are available in blue, green, grey, pink or red. The lamellar structure of the surface on both sides regulates the heat of the filled water and also provides a good grip. When filling a hot water bottle, you should always make sure never to fill it with boiling water, but only with hot water. The water temperature should not exceed 60°C, and 40°C for pregnant women or children. It is also advisable to fill hot water bottles no more than two-thirds full and to wait a moment before closing them to allow air to escape.

Buy hot water bottles online now at Relaxdays

Make yourself comfortable and snuggle up on the couch with your new hot water bottle. Enjoy relaxing warmth while reading, to beat a cold or if you have acute complaints such as period pains or muscle tension. In our shop you will also find other products for wellness and health such as head massagers, face brushes or foot massage rollers. Shop now free of shipping costs at Relaxdays and enjoy your new hot water bottle soon!