Braided Lidded Storage Basket

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  • Lidded 
  • 2 Compartments 
  • Braided
  • As decoration
  • Storage space 
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Braided Lidded Storage Basket2

Handy Shelf Basket with 2 Compartments

The storage box with rustic look is a great organising help for the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. It is especially suited to store smaller items. The lid helps you hide them from curious looks. You can, for instance, store bath products, office supplies, jewellery or kitchen tools inside its two compartments. However, it also works great as a decorative item on your shelf or couch table.  

Braided Lidded Storage Basket3 Braided Lidded Storage Basket4


  • Rustic: Braided shelf basket with a dark brown natural look spreads a comfortable country house vibe
  • Lidded: Store different objects inside the basket and protect them from dust
  • 2 Compartments: Divided in two smaller pockets to store small items and utensils
  • Tidy: Handy organiser against chaos in the bathroom, kitchen or living room
  • Timeless: Also suitable as elegant decor basket on the couch table

Square Braided Storage Basket 

  • Plaited decor basket with a rustic country house style
  • Divided in two compartments  
  • Multifunctional for the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom
  • Lid against dust and curious looks
  • Universal storage space for small items such as pens, bath products, jewellery and more


  • 1x Storage basket 

Natural Storage Box at a Glance 

  • Size H x W x D: app. 9.5 x 37.5 x 20 cm 
  • Basket with 2 compartments
  • Size of each compartment H x W x D: app. 9 x 35.5 x 9.5 cm 
  • Weighs app. 0.3 kg
  • Banana leaf
  • Natural look

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