Galvanized Securing Pegs Set of 25

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  • Set of 25
  • Universally usable
  • Galvanized steel
  • Secure
  • Bevelled tips
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Galvanized Securing Pegs Set of 252

Galvanized Gardening Staples Set

These securing pegs come in a set of 25 and can be used in your garden flexibly. You can use them to secure weed control fabric and cover in place easily. Moreover, you can also fix hoses and cables in ways you see fit. Attaching safety nets to protect your precious plants from ravenous birds can also be easily done with these pegs. Pointed ends penetrate even harder soil without much effort.
Galvanized Securing Pegs Set of 253 Galvanized Securing Pegs Set of 254


  • Set: These 25 fixing pegs come together in a set - Sturdy staples for your garden
  • Universal: Secure weed barriers and covers - Fix nets, hoses and cables in place
  • Simple: Thanks to the angled tips, these staples penetrate even harder soil
  • Galvanized: Galvanized steel gardening staples - Stainless metal that can withstand wind and weather
  • By the way: You can also use these lovely pegs to tent - Use a rubber mallet

Versatile Lawn Pegs

  • Keep covers and weed control barriers in place
  • Fixation of hoses, cables and nets
  • Suitable even for harder soil thanks to angled tips
  • U-shaped steel gardening staples
  • Stay firm in the ground


  • 25 x Securing Peg

Gardening Staples Set of 25 Details

  • Length app. 15 cm each
  • Width app. 3.5 cm
  • Width app. Diameter per piece: app. 3 mm
  • Galvanized steel
  • Weight per piece app. 20 g 


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