Bicycle Ceiling Mount

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  • Max capacity 57 kg
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Rubber-coated hooks
  • Gentle on your back
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Bicycle Ceiling Mount2

Ceiling Bike Holder Lift

Finally make the most of the space you’ve got in your garage or basement by simply hanging your bike and other bulky items such as kayaks from the roof. This lift can hold up to 57 kg and is incredibly easy to use. Use the pulley hoist system for other heavy objects to be pulled up effortlessly. The rubber-coated hooks protect your bike from scratches.

Bicycle Ceiling Mount3 Bicycle Ceiling Mount4


  • Ceiling holder for bikes: Store your bike on the ceiling - Max capacity of app. 57 kg
  • For basements and garages: Suitable for rooms up to 4 m high - Easy and quick to install
  • Universal: For E-bikes, racing bicycles and mountain bikes - Suitable for kayaks and other items
  • Protects the paint: Rubber-coated hooks protect your bike’s paint from ugly scratches
  • With hoist: Simply hang the bike up and pull up - Gentle on your back - Total rope length app. 14 m

Robust Bike Ceiling Mount

  • Also suitable for kayaks, boxes and more
  • Quick to mount
  • More storage space in your garage or basement
  • Space-saving bicycle storage
  • Hang the bike from handlebar and saddle


  • 1 x Ceiling Mount Including Accessories

Bike Suspension Details

  • Capacity: max. 57 kg
  • Suitable for ceiling heights up to 4 m
  • 14 m long hoist rope
  • Straps length: app. 2.3 m
  • Rubber-coated hooks
  • Protects bike from damages

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