24 Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups

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  • 24 Pieces
  • Silicone
  • Reusable
  • Non-stick
  • In 6 vibrant colours
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24 Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups2

Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Baking Cups

Replace your conventional paper liners with these reusable silicone moulds. This way, you’ll always have the right cases at hand and are ready to make some yummy muffins and cupcakes whenever you want to. Thanks to their smooth no-stick lining, the cups allow for you to get your pastries out undamaged and easily. But there is more: You can also whip up some ice cream and pudding and use the moulds to get them in a decorative shape. This way, you can create some great desserts in no time that do not just excel in taste, but are a feast to the eyes as well.
24 Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups3 24 Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups4


  • Colourful muffin moulds: The set includes 24 muffin cups - 4 Per colour in red, purple, orange, yellow, green and blue
  • Reusable: All moulds are made of food-safe silicone - Can be cleaned by hand or dishwasher and reused
  • For baking: Moulds for making cupcakes or muffins - Silicone liners for ice cream, pudding, brownies and other desserts
  • Non-stick: Retrieve your baked goods easily without any grease necessary - Simply rinse with cold water before baking
  • Sturdy and flexible: All cases are heat-resistant ranging from -40°C to 260°C - For oven, microwave and freezer

Silicone Baking Liners

  • Suitable for cupcakes, muffins, brownies and more
  • Also great for pudding, ice cream and other desserts
  • Reusable - Great alternative to paper cases
  • BPA-free and food-safe material
  • Can be cleaned by hand or put in the dishwasher

Muffin and Cupcake Baking Moulds

  • For oven, freezer and microwave
  • Withstands temperatures from-40 ° C up to 260 ° C
  • No greasing needed
  • Silicone for durability and flexibility
  • Odourless and taste neutral


  • 24 Muffin Cups

Muffin Cups Set of 24

  • Size per cup: H x W x D: app. 3.2 x 7 x 7 cm
  • Diameter at the bottom: app. 4 cm
  • Weight per cup: app. 30 g
  • Silicone
  • In red, purple, orange, green, yellow and blue

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