Black Swingstick, 160 cm Swing Stick, Flexible Vibrating Rod for Training

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With this swing stick you can complete the trendy and effective vibration training in your own living room. Swinging the stick around tones your body and strengthens deep muscles. This swing training improves your self-confidence and posture. Arm, stomach and back muscles are toned and your connective tissue strengthened. This makes the swingstick an ideal training possibility for young and old alike and can even be used by beginners.

Details on the Swing Stick
• Length: approx 160 cm
• Weight: approx 0.6 kg
• Weights with a diameter of about 3.5 cm
• Rubber-coated and structured grip, approx 26 cm long
• Material: Fibreglass rod with rubber weights
• Colour: Black

Swing Stick to Tone Deep Muscles
• Trains your arm, stomach and back muscles
• Strengthens your connective tissue and improves posture
• Gentle training technique with positive results for stamina and the cardiovascular system
• Perfect supplement to aerobics
• For beginner and advanced levels

Included in Delivery
• 1 black swing stick
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included

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