Small Cool Box 8 Liter

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  • Practical size
  • With strap & handle
  • With lock
  • Extra tray
  • Ideal for travelling
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Small Cool Box 8 Liter2

Portable Cooler For Travel

You want to keep the food cool while on the way on foot or by car? The ice box is the solution for that. Small and handy with handle and strap makes the plastic cooling box easy to transport. The latch ensures that nothing falls out. Highly recommended for keeping ice cubes and crushed ice stored for parties. The removable tray offers 2 compartments. If this is removed, there is enough room for 6 500 ml drink cans.

The mini cool box is ideal to keep special medications cool too. Just fill the bottom with ice packs and place on the tray.

Please note: Cool the insulation box before use and add cooling packs for a longer cooling period.

Small Cool Box 8 Liter3 Small Cool Box 8 Liter4


  • Handy size: The mini cool box is handy and fits up to 6 cans
  • Portable: With handle and carry strap for easy transportation - Strap can be adjusted
  • With latch: The durable latch on the cool box ensures for safe transport in the car and on foot
  • Extra tray: A second level in the insulation box to separate cold packs from food
  • Portable: The cool box is ideal for camping, BBQing, picnics, festivals - Use in the car, truck, etc

Ice Box For Food & Drink

  • Suitable for food, drinks and medication
  • For fishing, camping and festivals
  • On-board bar for car, truck and motorhome
  • With removable tray for extra storage
  • Room for 6 500ml cans and cool packs without tray


  • 1x Cooler Box

Small Cold Box Overview

  • Size box H x W x D: app. 23.5 x 32 x 21 cm each
  • Height with lid open: app. 42 cm
  • Size: H x W x D: 19 x 25.5 x 17.5 cm
  • Upper compartment: H x W x D: app. 3.5 x 25.5 x 16.5 cm
  • Height of box tray: app. 10 cm
  • Strap length: app. 72 - 130 cm
  • Distance to box hanging: app. 34 - 63 cm

Plastic Insulated Travel Bag

  • Made of resilient plastic
  • In white and blue with Relaxdays logo
  • Capacity of app. 8 L
  • Weight is app. 1.26 kg


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