X1 Dartboard with Darts

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  • Diameter: app. 43 cm
  • Includes 6 Darts with metal tips
  • Metal hooks for wall mounting
  • Two-sided dartboard
  • For garden, pub and at home
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X1 Dartboard with Darts2

X1 Dartboard with Darts - 43 cm Diameter

Having your own dartboard at home is always something special. With this classic board, you can create authentic darts flair. Without automatic counting and 6 metal tips you can immerse yourself in this popular world of pub sports. Comes in black and white and can be turned. Thus, a game of 501 or 301 is quickly started. This dartboard will quickly make you the star amongst your friends. Secure for yourself an advantage by secretly practising at home to always excel at competitions.

Please Note: Ideally, the distance between the player and wall is app. 2.40m at a height of 1.70m (measured from the bullseye forth). Please note that the darts with metal tips should only be used under parental supervision.
X1 Dartboard with Darts3 X1 Dartboard with Darts4


  • For your home: Enjoy a game of darts at home with this board that comes with 6 darts with metal tips included - The natural bristle dartboard is a joyride for all devoted fans of the sport
  • Classic design: No frills and electronics - Robust dartboard and metal tipped darts for a real pub flair, mental calculation included
  • Two-sided: Play the classics like 301 single-out and 501 double-out - The backside with its circles and is lovely for games such as target bullseye
  • 43 cm Dartboard: Robust dartboard with metal hooks for wall-mounting - e.g. can be simply hung from a screw - Especially robust dartboard - Thick
  • Basics: W x D: app. 43 x 43 cm - Front dartboard in classic back, white, red & green

Dartboard with 6 Steel Darts

  • Two-sided
  • For 301 single out and 501 double out
  • Also for games like bullseye target
  • Use outdoors, at home, in the garden
  • Use under parental supervision


  • 1 x Dartboard, 6 x Darts with Metal Tips

Classic X1 Dartboard Details

  • Diameter: 43 cm
  • Includes 6 Darts with metal tips
  • Classic colours
  • Thickness: app. 1.1 cm
  • App. app. 1.3 kg

Dartboard with 6 x Darts with Metal Tips Included

  • 2 x 3 Darts in red & green each
  • Darts length app. 11.5 cm long
  • Replaceable tips: app. 2.7 cm
  • Wall mounted metal hooks (HBT 4 x 4 x 3 cm)


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