Shoe Rack w Handles Shoe Storage Stand Shoe Closet, 5 Shelves for up to 25 Pairs
As low as £28.90
Makeup Organizer with 3 Shelves
As low as £29.90
Set of 4 Storage Baskets, Woven Plastic Bath Bin, Black-White Box, Grey
As low as £25.90
Modular Plastic 16-Compartment Shelf
As low as £60.90
Folding Lounge Chair Reclining Chair Recliner Beach Pool Chair Camping Recliner
As low as £44.90

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Chic Metal and Glass Side Table
As low as £50.90

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Hanging 3-Tier Wall Shelf
As low as £46.90
Stacking Bamboo Wine Rack
As low as £37.90
Hexagonal Floating Shelf Set of 3 M
As low as £37.90
Floating Cube Shelf Set of 3
As low as £35.90
Bamboo Bathroom Shelves Free-Standing Shelves Wooden Rack Stand in Various Sizes
As low as £71.90
Floating Hearts Shelves Set of 3
As low as £48.90
Floating Shelf with 7 Compartments
As low as £37.90
Walnut Cube Shelving Unit Storage Baskets Wooden Rack Fully Assembled 4 Baskets
As low as £38.90

A piece of
for your home

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and oldest plants in the world. There are more than 1200 species, it can grow up to 1m per day and reach heights of up to 30m.

Bamboo is especially appreciated for its sturdy, waterproof and lightweight nature. The latter properties even make it one of the most essential construction materials in the Land of the Rising Sun. We have long since discovered the many advantages of bamboo as well and offer a large variety of products made of this sustainable material, all of which are directly delivered to you.


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Bamboo Tea Box With 6 or 8 Compartments Lacquered Tea Storage Crate With Window
As low as £26.90

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