Give birds a home in your garden

With the Relaxdays nesting boxes and birdhouses you can give the birds in your garden a new home and help them to breed. Find the right nesting box for your balcony or garden now. Browse through our large selection of different designs and models and order everything conveniently to your home.

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Why should you get nesting boxes?

Due to construction and deforestation, people are taking away more and more of the habitat of wild animals, especially in cities. Birds are also finding it increasingly difficult to find nesting and breeding places in nature. With Relaxdays nesting boxes you can give something back to the birds. The nesting boxes give wild birds a home: here the feathered friends find a place to breed and raise their young. You should install the nesting boxes in autumn if possible. Otherwise, the months before March are also suitable. The breeding and rearing phase of birds begins in mid-March. By this time, the birds should have found a suitable shelter such as the nest boxes.

Find the perfect nest box at Relaxdays

Different bird species have different requirements. The quality of the nest box should always come before the appearance. The birds themselves are not very interested in the design of their accommodation. Nevertheless, you can of course adapt the nesting box to the look of your garden. That's why you can find a wide variety of models and types of birdhouses at Relaxdays. Overall, you should pay attention to the material of the nesting box. Avoid plastic houses in any case, as they are not breathable. Wooden nesting boxes, on the other hand, are best because they are made without chemicals. The size of the entrance hole is also a decisive factor: Here you should pay attention to a size of about three centimetres, as this is optimally suited for the native songbirds.

Nesting boxes in different sizes and shapes

Click through the huge selection of different nesting boxes for birds from Relaxdays. You will also find other nesting aids for wild animals such as hedgehogs or squirrels. Give animals a sheltered home with Relaxdays. Shop now!