Nesting Aids

Nesting aids for different wildlife species - Why are they so good and important?

Insect and animal hotels are great ways to provide shelter for small animals during the winter and when nesting. Relaxdays offers you nesting aids for a variety of wildlife. Due to the development of residential areas by humans, there is less natural habitat for hedgehogs, bees and co, some of which are therefore endangered species. With the help of nesting boxes or hedgehog houses, you can make a valuable contribution to species protection and conservation.
But you also benefit from installing a nesting aid. For example, when bats settle in your bat box, they protect your property from mosquitoes and other flying insects, as they like to eat them. In addition, the droppings of the bats are an excellent fertiliser for your vegetable patch. Insect hotels also have a positive effect on your garden. Not only do you do something good for the environment, but wild bees, butterflies and ladybirds also pollinate your plants and destroy pests.
Discover our practical insect hotels, feeders and nesting boxes as well as decorative birdbaths at Relaxdays now!

Hedgehog houses, bat boxes, insect hotels & Co - What matters most

You don't want to chase away the temporary inhabitants of your garden, but provide them with a safe place to live? Then find out more about the properties and special features of the various nesting aids in our range.
Birdhouses are an ideal way to offer hibernating birds protection from the cold or to provide them with a breeding place in spring. However, you can hang them up all year round, as birds often look for a haven in autumn. This time of the year is also best for cleaning the nest box. You should remove old clutches and sweep out the box. Always use work gloves to protect yourself from parasites in the nest box. You can also find very cute decorative birdhouses here.
A hedgehog house can be the perfect winter home not only for hedgehogs, but also for other small animals seeking shelter. Simply set it up in your garden and fill it with shavings, straw, leaves or hay. Then the hedgehog will be nice and cosy in the cold season.
Bat boxes provide shelter for bats in both summer and winter. It is best to hang them at least 4.50 m above the ground on the wall of your house or a tree. This gives the bats a safe home out of the reach of predators.
Insect hotels are not only extremely decorative and a great way for the whole family to observe insects, but also offer them a habitat where they can reproduce undisturbed. The multi-partitioned insect dwellings with many chambers and narrow crevices are exactly to the taste of the small flying insects. They like to hibernate in the small bamboo tubes, pieces of wood or holes.
Find the right nesting aid for your garden now and do something good for wildlife as well as yourself!

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