Hedgehog Houses

Helping hedgehogs to hibernate

When the days start to get longer and darker, hedgehogs start looking for hibernation sites again. Not every garden has suitable areas that provide shelter for hedgehogs. So take precautions with a hedgehog house from Relaxdays and offer the little friends a home in your garden.

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Why do you need a hedgehog house?

The hedgehog's retreat is the garden. Unfortunately, there are often no more opportunities for hedgehogs to find shelter here. Piles of leaves and burrows are disposed of and removed by people. The garden is cleaned up spotlessly. So the hedgehog has no place to hide for the winter. That's why you should support the little friends in your garden and set up the Relaxdays hedgehog houses. These not only help the hedgehogs to find a home for hibernation, but are also a help all year round. Hedgehog houses are a sleeping place, nest and winter house all in one and protect the hedgehog from enemies. Once you have decided on a hedgehog house, you should find the perfect place in the garden. It should be sheltered and shady, and as dry as possible. Once a hedgehog has moved in, you should not disturb the animals any further. You should only clean the entrance of the hedgehog house from time to time.

Buy protection for hedgehogs online

At Relaxdays you will find various hedgehog houses in different designs and made of different materials for your garden. Our fir wood hedgehog house is supplied as a kit. This winter shelter with rat flap and labyrinth entrance protects the hedgehogs optimally from enemies. This way the hedgehogs can relax and hibernate. The Relaxdays hedgehog house in the form of a wooden dome also offers a perfect shelter for the little animals. In a similar design but made of rattan you will find another shelter for hedgehogs in your garden. Offer hedgehogs a safe and suitable home. Click through the Relaxdays range and find the right hedgehog nest for your outdoor area.

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In addition to practical and helpful hedgehog houses, you can also find other nesting aids for wild animals such as birds, bats, squirrels and insects at Relaxdays. Discover our large selection now and order the right nesting aids for your garden.