Squirrel Feeders

Helpful Feeding Houses for Squirrels

The nimble squirrels are among the most popular wild animals. They are true climbing artists and acrobats in trees as well as bushes. In harsh winters, the little animals are often threatened by starvation. You can counteract this with the Relaxdays squirrel feeders. Find a suitable feeding house for your garden or outdoor area and support the squirrels in their habitat.

How to feed squirrels wisely?

Squirrels are the kind of animals that do not hibernate, but instead hibernate. This means they interrupt their sleep to eat. For this reason, they build up generous stores of food before winter in order to be able to eat sufficiently during the cold months. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in cities: the squirrels' natural habitat is becoming smaller and smaller due to construction in forest and park areas. As a result, there is often a shortage of food. The clever squirrels therefore raid bird feeders more and more often and thus deprive the birds of their food. With the Relaxdays squirrel feeders you can avoid this and support the squirrels in their search for food. Our feeders are made of natural wood and are therefore not harmful to the animals. The different models offer the squirrels clever openings for clever foraging. The different designs and colours fit into every garden.
You should fill the feeders with various nuts such as peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts. Sunflower seeds and fir or pine cones are also on the squirrels' menu. You should avoid fruit and vegetables at all costs, as this can quickly lead to mould growth inside the feeder. You should also avoid almonds, as they are very harmful to squirrels. All you need now is the right place for your squirrel feeder. It is best to hang the house relatively high in trees, bushes or on fences so that the squirrels can find their food undisturbed and away from enemies. Of course, you can also make sure that the feeder hangs in your field of vision if you want to watch the squirrels from a distance.
Click through our different squirrel feeders now and find the right one for your garden! Order conveniently online now at Relaxdays.

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