Tomato Trellis Set of 2

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  • For garden or balcony
  • 3 Rings in various sizes
  • 3 Rods
  • Plastic
  • Space-saving
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Tomato Trellis Set of 22

Adjustable Tomato Trellis

Is there anything more natural than the taste of fresh and homegrown tomatoes? If you are keen on witnessing the growth of your own delicious vegetables from the very outset but only have little space available, this trellis set of 2 is just the thing you need! A small patch, bucket or flowerbed is more than enough to begin growing your own delicacies. You can adjust the height of the rings in 3 different sizes easily to exactly match the needs of the plant.
Tomato Trellis Set of 23 Tomato Trellis Set of 24


  • Delicious: Enjoy some home-grown tomatoes - Trellis set of 2 for balconies or garden
  • Decorative: This climbing aid matches the tomato plants perfectly
  • Height-adjustable: You can individually adjust the height of the 3 rings - Simply adapt to the size of the plants
  • Simple: Just embed this plant support into a flower pot or patch directly - The plants grow along the rods
  • Practical: Ideal for smaller patches and cramped spaces - Easily pick your tomatoes

Small Vegetables Plant Support

  • Grow your own tasty tomatoes
  • For garden, balcony or terrace
  • Embed in patches or pots
  • Adjust the rings and rods at will
  • Practical solution for cramped spaces


  • 2 x Growing Support

Tomato Growing Support Set of 2 Details

  • Weight app. 76 cm high
  • 3 Rings diameter app. 28.5 / 25.5 / 22 cm
  • Weight per growing aid app. 140 g
  • Made of plastic

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