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Illuminate your home with Relaxdays table lamps

While ceiling lighting is indispensable in every room, table lamps are more of a decorative element in a home. But the small lamps on tables or cupboards always create a cosy atmosphere at home and serve as an additional source of light. Table lamps give a room more personality and invite you to relax and snuggle or work productively. Discover the diverse selection of Relaxdays table lamps now!

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Where you can use table lamps everywhere

If you are looking for an additional eye-catcher in your living room, bedroom or study, then you are well advised to use our table lamps. There are many different models in our shop, each of which is suitable for different purposes. In principle, you can place table lamps anywhere: on the living room table, a sideboard or a chest of drawers. We have summarised for you which types of table lamps you can find here for the different uses:

  • Desk lamps: The advantage of a desk lamp is that you don't have to put up with annoying shadows from your ceiling lamp while you work. In our shop you will find extra office lamps that cast optimally bright light on your workplace thanks to adjustable or tiltable shades. A wide distribution of the light cone is highly recommended. Our desk lamp with pen holder is particularly practical and vintage fans can also illuminate their desk with one of our classic retro-style banker lamps!
  • Bedside lamps: The most pleasant thing about bedside lamps is the indirect light they cast into the room. Eye-catching effects on the ceiling or walls due to fancy lampshades will amaze you. They are a useful accessory in the bedroom and, because of their large shades and warm light, create a comfortable atmosphere that invites you to relax. For extra ease of use, especially when you are sleepily looking for some illumination, many of our bedside lamps are equipped with a practical touch function.
In addition, you will of course find many other table lamps in our range that can be used quite universally. Especially as decorative elements, where the warm light is a pleasant side effect, you can also place table lamps on your hallway dresser, your dining table or on side tables . If the ceiling light is too bright for you, you can read, spend the evening in front of the TV or play games in atmospheric lighting. Colourful LED cubes and playful moon lamps are also perfect for your house bar or children's room .

Countless designs and styles of our table lamps - you are spoilt for choice

The striking colours and shapes of our desk and bedside lamps make them a highlight in any room - so they shine without you having to switch them on. You are sure to find something to match your personal interior style in our extensive range and can round off your four walls perfectly with decorative, small lamps. We have also put this together in a nutshell:

  • Scandi: Our table lamps in a combination of white and wood are particularly suitable for a Scandinavian or Nordic style. In this colour style, we offer lamps in a square, clean shape, which make them look very modern.
  • Industrial: Table lamps with a factory look are still one of the trendy home accessories. Round off the overall look of your loft-style flat with stylish lamps made of black metal or with a satin metal surface. Our water pipe-style lamp is an absolute eye-catcher!
  • Rustic: If you like an antique and rustic look, our table lamps will make your heart beat faster. Browse through banker lamps as well as lamps in country house or art nouveau style, which impress with curved lines and playful ornaments.
Apart from the style, you can also discover unusual colour and material combinations of our table lamps. White lampshades meet copper-, gold- or silver-coloured feet that are composed of a lattice or even shaped like a pineapple. Table lamps with marble accents or marble feet are extravagant highlights in your home, while combinations of black and gold or black and copper blend perfectly into modern rooms.

Order table lamps, bench lamps and shade lamps online at Relaxdays now.

No matter what you like and which room or piece of furniture you want to decorate with a table lamp: You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in the Relaxdays online shop. Let yourself be inspired to new furnishing ideas and embellish your home. You still haven't had enough of lamps? Then take a look at our wall lamps and ceiling lighting . Shop now!