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Radiant ceiling lights in the centre of every room

Ceiling lighting is absolutely indispensable in most rooms, even if the requirements differ. Whereas in the kitchen and bathroom you certainly place more value on the entire room being sufficiently illuminated for cooking or for the wellness programme, in the bedroom or living room you would prefer it to be pleasant and cosy. In the dining room, on the other hand, beautiful, low-hanging pendant luminaires create a pleasant atmosphere during the meal.
In our range you will find the right ceiling lamp for every purpose - whether you prefer simple, rustic or industrial designs. With our LED lamps, you can also save a lot of money. They not only provide brilliant lighting, but are also extremely energy-efficient. LED lights are energy-saving and long-lasting, so you benefit twice. The Relaxdays ceiling lamps are characterised by functionality and reliability, but also by the variety of individual and chic models. Browse through more lamps now and make your four walls shine!

Lighting from every direction - Which lamp fits into which room?

Of course, a beautiful home needs more lighting than just ceiling lamps. But which lamps should you choose? We tell you which lamp will look best in which room. Because in our shop you can also discover stand lights, table lamps, reading lamps and children's lamps.
Put your living room furniture and decorations in the right light with tasteful floor lamps. Whether you want to set up a cosy reading corner in combination with our armchairs and side tables or just illuminate your sofa, our stand lights are always ideal for bringing more atmosphere into your living room.
For the bedroom, we can especially recommend our reading lamp. The practical clamp spotlight can be easily and flexibly attached to any bed frame or shelf and thus guarantees long nights with exciting reading. In addition, our elegant table lamps enhance every bedside table. Choose between simple, rustic or industrial designs and create atmospheric lighting next to your bed.
In the children's room, our children's lamps not only make the walls shine, but also children's eyes. The cute ceiling and bedside lamps in child-friendly designs and with animal motifs are ideal for toddlers and schoolchildren. Set lovely accents with decorative lamps for the children's room.
You can also integrate our table lamps into your office. Don't just embellish your desk, but also concentrate on your work at any time of the day. You have a real vintage solid wood desk and want to do it justice with a noble lamp? Then how about one of our rustic banker lamps for the perfect look? Our range of table lamps is guaranteed to have something for everyone!