Floor Lamps

The perfect floor lamp for every interior style

Atmospheric light makes a room shine in a completely different way. It not only makes a room cosier, but also creates spatial depth. Floor lamps are particularly well suited to complement ceiling lighting. They can also become a visual highlight in your home and complement your furnishings. Find a suitable floor lamp for your living room or bedroom in our large assortment.

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Modern tripod lamps for your home

Floor lamps not only provide pleasant light, they are also a real eye-catcher in any room. Currently, tripod lamps are absolutely trendy. Their design is timeless and suits every style of furnishing. At Relaxdays you can find tripod lamps in different colours and styles: If you love the Nordic style, then our white floor lamp with integrated table is ideal for your living room. If you prefer it elegant and modern, our silver-coloured tripod lamp with a grey shade is the right choice for you. For a natural style with warm colours, the floor lamp with dark wooden legs is perfect. We even have stylish tripod lamps with star patterns for the children's room. Bring the trend into your own four walls with Relaxdays.

Atmospheric lighting for your four walls

Your living room is perfectly furnished, every detail is just right, but something is still missing? This feeling can be created by the lighting. Every lamp emits different light and thus creates a different atmosphere. If you are lacking cosiness, you should also opt for floor lamps. Floor lamps usually shine through fabric shades so that the light falls very softly and automatically creates a cosy atmosphere. Discover the right floor lamp for your home at Relaxdays. From retro design to elegant silver to antique look - here you can find the perfect lamp for every taste. Browse through our colourful assortment now.

Lamps for your whole home from Relaxdays

Get atmospheric light for your home at Relaxdays: Find everything from ceiling lamps to table lamps and wall lamps. Set great highlights and bring more cosiness into your bedroom, living room or study. Order conveniently online now at Relaxdays.