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Simple and affordable – 5 fun children’s toys for outdoors for ages 3 and up


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When the weather starts to get a bit warmer and sunnier again, your kids don’t need much convincing to go and play outside. But if the sandbox in the garden at home or the playground loses its appeal, here are 5 easy-to-implement and inexpensive children's games for outdoors that will delight 3 to 12-year-olds.
Those fascinating bubbles are an undefeated classic. Bubble solution is easy to take with you wherever you play and there are many way to use it to send glistening bubbles floating through the air - from simple bubble wands to elaborate machines. Younger children love catching the bubbles. Older kids can turn it into a fun competition, like seeing who can blow the biggest bubble.
Jumping games
Whether it be hopscotch, jump rope or a wild ride on a space hopper, there are plenty of jumping games for all ages that help get rid of excess energy and encourage balance, whilst still being fun. If you don't have any pavement chalk at hand for hopscotch, you can use sticks and branches and at the same time encourage your children's creativity and ingenuity.
For obstacle courses, no equipment is needed except for sportsmanship and a set course with small hurdles to run around or over. Boys and girls up to 5 will enjoy a simple slalom run, which - if you don’t have hurdles or barriers - can also be created using toys, drinking bottles or other belongings. Make it a bit more challenging with some sack race bags.
outdoor games
Water games
If you have your own garden, then there are plenty of possibilities for letting kids play and splash about in water, from mud kitchens to lawn sprinklers. If you’re going on a trip near a pond or stream, then taking two or three empty containers is a good idea. The youngest kids can entertain themselves for hours just filling them up and tipping them out. Even budding teens will turn into kids again with a water pistol.
Tin can toss game
Target shooting is fun and awakens ambition. With a few tin cans and a ball, you can quickly spark a competition. While three-year-olds simply enjoy the rattling and falling over of the cans, for schoolchildren this game can reveal their fighting spirit. As well as just being fun, this kids’ game is great for encouraging hand-eye coordination.
Activities for outdoors - Endless possibilities
In addition to the game ideas mentioned above, there are numerous other outdoor games that children - especially the older ones - often develop without adult intervention, be it tag, hide-and-seek or ball games. Whether it be without any materials at all, with everyday household objects or age-appropriate garden toys, the important thing is to give the children freedom for their own play ideas.

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