Pilates Resistance Ring, ca 39 cm, with Double Handles, Padded, for Yoga, Blue

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With this pilates ring you can bring your gym to your living room! The simple and effective exercises individually and deeply strengthen various muscle groups. In addition, you will improve your posture and increase the results of your yoga, pilates or gymnastics exercises.

To use this modern resistance training tool, simply press the inner metal ring together. This engages your entire muscular system. Use it to train your legs, arms, stomach, back, shoulders, etc. The resistance ring includes a practical travel bag, so you can take your workout to work, the gym or even outside.

Details on the Pilates Ring
• Size: HxWxD: approx 39 x 37 x 5.5 cm
• Diameter with handles: approx 39 cm (without handles: 37 cm)
• Inner diameter: approx 33 cm
• Weight: approx 0.3 kg
• Inner ring made of fibreglass, coating (NBR), foam padding (ABS)
• Colour: Turquoise

Pilates Ring for Tummy, Legs and Bum
• Easy to use resistance training tool
• Effective exercises
• Increase the results of your training sessions
• Integral
• For leg, stomach, arm, thigh, torso, etc. muscles

Pilates and Yoga Ring
• For exercises in the lying, sitting and standing positions
• Fantastic for pilates, yoga, gymnastics, strength training,  stretching etc.
• Provides calm, concentration and body engagement
• For all fitness levels

Modern Training Equipment for At-Home and On-the-Go
• Handy and light
• With travel bag to train anywhere
• Joint-protective
• Padding with double handles for easy handling
• Multipurpose, sturdy, robust, individual and intensive

Included in Delivery
• Pilates ring with travel bag
• Decorative items shown in product photos are not included

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