42 cm Dartboard Soft Darts

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  • 6 darts made of plastic
  • With extra stand
  • Can be set-up standing
  • Diameter: app. 42 cm
  • For kids and adults
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42 cm Dartboard Soft Darts2

Soft Dart Dartboard for Beginners and Professional Players

You love to play darts at home, but are already mortified in the face of you guests’ terrible aim? First the darts bounce off of your wall, then they land on the floor leaving scratches. This dartboard with its soft darts will assure that you can enjoy a nice game even with people that aren’t that well versed. Protect your interior and calm your nerves. No more holes in your wallpaper or nasty injuries. Ideal for casual games with your kids. This board is a truly great way of getting into darts.

Please Note: Ideally, the distance between the player and wall is app. 2.40m at a height of 1.70m (measured from the bullseye forth).
42 cm Dartboard Soft Darts3 42 cm Dartboard Soft Darts4


  • For your home: Enjoy a game of darts at home with this soft dartboard - The natural dartboard is a joyride for young and old
  • Safety soft darts: 6 x plastic darts in red/green - Suitable for adults and children aged 6 and up
  • Ideal for beginners: Even amateurs can enjoy a good game of darts, because the plastic darts will not leave nasty holes in your walls in case you miss sometimes
  • 42 cm Dartboard: Robust plastic dartboard for a freestanding setup and additional mounting opportunity - e.g. Can be easily hung from a nail or screw
  • Basics: W x D: app. 42 x 42 cm - Outer ring thickness app. 4 cm - Robust plastic dartboard in black and white with red and green panels

Soft Dart Dartboard with 6 Plastic Darts

  • Ideal for inexperienced players such as children
  • Wall-mounting via screw or nail
  • The opening for mounting is app. 3 mm
  • Extra stand for setup on flat surfaces


  • 1 x Dartboard
  • 6 x Plastic darts

Soft Darts Dartboard Details

  • Diameter app. 42 cm, app. 3 cm thick
  • 6 x Plastic darts (3 x red, 3 x green)
  • In black and white

Robust Dartboard with 6 Darts

  • Double/triple panels in red/green
  • Made of plastic, metal stand
  • Diameter app. 0.9 kg
  • Darts length app. 13 cm, tip: app 2 cm

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